sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

heath and fitness expert

Good question Carla. I had the same problem but I found some solutions. If you do not have much time during the middle of the week. You could try doing more activities on the weekend. Just try to get a group dance or walk. if you start doing these activities you will likely improve your physical condition and your performance at work. Why not get in some gym to gain some physical conditioning? If you like some kind of fight you could get into some group needs to fight as much physical effort and you lose a lot of calories.
During the week at work if you have a little rest time you could walk and stretch at least 3 times a day. It's important to know that the exercises don't only help to improve the physical condition of decreasing body fat while increasing productivity even during your turn. it's important to know what exercises diaries bring a spare time job and a diminution of stress and tiredness from work. So after walk and stretch you could do fast exercises as jump rope, pushups andclimbing stairs.
Most importantly, you should make it part of your routine. And you should do other things since you are enjoy. Hope this helps. Good luck and don't give up!

sexta-feira, 12 de abril de 2013


Hi ivona

How are you?I'm so excited to talk about my city and I hope that you enjoy here and can come visit us one day who knows.That will be happy to talk about my town and the fantastic things we have here.

Then, my city is called Brasilia and is the capital of Brasil. it`s a city of about two million habitants but it is very organized and beautiful. The biggest attractions of my town are the cathedral there was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and the Cathedral shows up incredibly clear, smooth and lightweight. Lightness indeed sharper also suspended by three angels sculpted by Alfredo Ceschiatti. The Museum Juscelino Kubichek is a museum there is designed by Oscar Niemeyer, opened on September 12, 1981. What I like most in my city is sunset is absolutely beautiful and calm and tranquility in the dawn.

The worst thing is that Brasila has very corrupt politicians there are stealing money from the Brazilians. The health and transport sector are precarious with broke bus and hospitals without doctors and remedies. Although Brasilia is the result of the work of many Brazilians, not everyone can live with dignity in this city, there aren't many employment opportunities, there isn't proper infrastructure, there isn't a constitution able to defend ourselves,etc.

Anyway,that's all I have to say now and I hope you come to visit my city.